1. Childhood and Youth

101. Small Stories (in the Age of Big Data) Alexander
102. Microhistories of Childhood Alexander
103. “Minor” Literature  Dillenburg
104. Archive Stories and Questions of Silence Dillenburg
105. Children on the Move Swietlicki 
106. Toys, Play, and Material Culture Swietlicki 
107. Child Policies in the US  Swietlicki 
199. Other Topics in this Network Alexander/Dillenburg/Swietlicki 

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

201. Regulating Criminal Bodies Shiff
202. Asylum and the Law Shiff
203. Gender, Race and the Criminal Justice System Shiff
204. Victimization  Shiff
205. How to Count Criminals: Methods of Evaluation and Categorization Shiff
299. Other Topics in this Network Shiff/Svedin

3. Culture

301. Interpreting "null data" Wilson
302. Cultures of big data Büyükokutan
303. Science fiction and culture over time Cheng
399. Other Topics in this Network Cheng/Büyükokutan/Wilson

4. Economics

401. Patents: Innovation, development, and output Sprick Schuster
402. Maps and geospacial data Sprick Schuster
403. Data from text: Textual analysis, digitalization, and machine learning Sprick Schuster
404. Linking: Following people and household through time Sprick Schuster
405. Replication: Re-visiting past findings Sprick Schuster
406. Household Budgets: A history of living standards Sprick Schuster
407. Follow-up: Updates from previous SSHA papers Sprick Schuster
408. Occupational structures: A history of the labor force Sprick Schuster
409. Money and banking Sprick Schuster
499. Other Topics in this Network Sprick Schuster/Saaritsa/Eloranta/Burnett
Related Sessions in Other Topics
618. Automatic Handwriting Recognition Ruggles

5. Education, Knowledge and Science

599. Other Topics in this Network Baker/Huebner/Myers

6. Family Demography

601. Using smaller data for historical research Nagata
602. Transcription and Data Capture Roberts
603. Roles of Kinship: Demographic Outcomes and Methodology Nelson
604. Kinship effects on adult mortality and longevity Willführ
605. Environmental conditions on Urban Mortality Ramiro-Fariñas
606. Social and professional Trajectories as reflected in the new European databases Bolovan
607. Height and Intergenerational Perspective Kok
608. Love and Marriage? Material Considerations and Couple Formation in the Past Moring
609. Big Data in Historical Research Ruggles
610. Development of Longitudinal Historical Data Ruggles
611. Modalities on transmitting land and moveable property Fauve-Chamoux
612. Ancestry and other Big Data – Collaboration between genealogical organizations and academics Smith
613. Combining different types of data: Anthropomorphic data and Paleo-demography? Steckel
614. Quebec-Utah-Scandinavia Project: Kinship, Grandmothers and Mortality Outcomes Smith
615. Australia-Tasmania Data Project Steckel
616. Sons-in-law, Women, Children and other Unexpected Heads of Household Nagata
617. New Methodologies in Historical Demography Zijdeman
618. Automatic Handwriting Recognition Ruggles
699. Other Topics in this Network Nagata/Nelson/Zijdeman

7. Health, Medicine and Body

701. Experiences of the silent - research on the underrepresented Tatarek
702. The relevance of data for non-social scientists Tatarek
703. Research on data based on literature, poetry and memoirs Tatarek
704. Research using public health data Caron
705. Who decides what constitutes data? Caron
706. The politics of data: sexual behaviors Caron
799. Other Topics in this Network Tatarek/Caron

8. Historical Geography and GIS

801. Emerging Methods: Spatial Analysis and Modeling Kennedy
802. Emerging Methods: Computation/Spatial Econometrics Kennedy
803. Emerging Methods: Project Reflections Kennedy
804. Emerging Methods: Qualitative Narratives Kennedy
805. Emerging Methods: Historical Cartography Kennedy
806. Multi-Year Project Updates Kennedy
807. Critical Historical GIS Kennedy
808. Pedagogy Trepal
809. Spatial Narratives Trepal
810. Hazards, Risks and Disasters Trepal
811. Spatial Epidemiology Trepal
812. Social Geography and Networks Trepal
813. Landscape Trepal
814. Historical Geography Trepal
815. Spatial Humanities Trepal
899. Other Topics in this Network Kennedy/Trepal

9. Labor

999. Other Topics in this Network Faue/Edwards/Wood/Walter

10. Macrohistorical Dynamics

1099. Other Topics in this Network Hung/Lee/Little/Ariail Reed

11. Migration/Immigration

1101. Migration and mass Incarceration Zanoni
1102. Administrative violence: data and immigration controls  Zanoni
1103. Use and abuse of immigration data  Zanoni
1104. Nativism and anti-immigration sentiments  Zanoni
1105. Xenophobia in the past and present Zanoni
1106. Intersections of migration: race, gender and sexuality Zanoni
1107. Geographies of migration Zanoni
1108. Data, surveillance, and policing bodies and borders Zanoni
1109. Making mobility visible: GIS and mapmaking Zanoni
1110. Climate change and mobility Zanoni
1111. Counting and categorizing mobile people  Zanoni
1199. Other Topics in this Network Zanoni/Venditto/Condit-Shrestha/McEvoy

12. Politics

1299. Other Topics in this Network Thurber/Mudge

13. Public Finance

1399. Other Topics in this Network Barnes/Michelmore

14. Race and Ethnicity

1401. Exploring Racial Violence 100 years after the Red Summer of 1919 Ivory
1402. Histories of Segregation: Chicago 1919 Ivory
1403. The Contract with America: Twenty-five Years Later Ivory
1404. Race and Methodological Inequalities Ivory
1405. Parallels and Divergences in Race and Ethnicity Ivory
1406. Which Box to Check? Latinos and Census Data Ivory
1407. Decolonizing Methodologies Jewell
1408. At-Home Genetic Testing and the Quantification of Racial Identities Jewell
1409. The Death of the Black Panther Party Jewell
1410. Race and the Prohibition Era, 1920-1933 Jewell
1411. Latinx Revolutionaries since 1919 Jewell
1412. New Perspectives on Chinese Ethnic Enclaves Jewell
1413. Understudied Racial Populations Jewell
1414. Racial Consequences of the Mis(Use) of Social Research Martinez-Cola
1415. Co-Sponsored w/ Knowledge Martinez-Cola
1416. Co-Sponsored w/ Culture Network Martinez-Cola
1417. Race, Youth, and Social Movements Martinez-Cola
1418. AMC for Delores Trevizo’s Neighborhood Poverty, Segregation, and the Reproduction of Disadvantage Martinez-Cola
1419. AMC for Katherine Benton-Cohen’s Inventing the Immigration Problem: The Dillingham Commission and its Legacy Martinez-Cola
1499. Other Topics in this Network Jewell/Martinez-Cola

15. Religion

1501. Religion across Boundaries Altinordu
1502. Religion and Populism/Populist Politics Altinordu
1503. Religion and Gender Altinordu
1504. Religion and Contemporary Geopolitics Altinordu
1505. Religion and State Formation Peker
1506. Secularizations, Secularisms, Secularities Peker
1507. Religion and Law Peker
1508. Religion as a Category of Analysis Nelson
1509. Religion and Social Movements Nelson
1510. Religion and Science Nelson
1511. Religion and Field Theory Saeed
1512. Quantitative Approaches to Religion Saeed
1513. Religion and Politics in Contemporary U.S. Saeed
1599. Other Topics in this Network Altinordu/Peker/Nelson/Saeed

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

1601. Food Security/Food Deserts in Historical Perspective Leonard
1602. Health Care in Rural Areas in Historical Perspective Leonard
1603. What is Remoteness? Leonard
1604. Asian Enviromental History Leonard
1699. Other Topics in this Network Leonard/MacFadyen

17. States and Society

1799. Other Topics in this Network Cohen/Ackerman/Gill/Noy

18. Urban

1801. Public health interventions and urban mortality Levenson
1802. Urban Inequalities: poverty, race, and housing Levenson
1803. Histories and collective memories of urban change Levenson
1804. Snapshots of the city: new cartographies Levenson
1805. Spatial data and urban change Levenson
1806. Climate change and the city: urban environments and ecologies Antczak
1807. Rethinking the Chicago School and urban sociology Antczak
1808. "Urbanization" and cities of the Global South Antczak
1809. The city, the state, and urban governance Antczak
1810. Gentrification and neighborhood change Antczak
1899. Other Topics in this Network Antczak/Levenson

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

1999. Other Topics in this Network Grisard/Pieper-Mooney/Goessl

20. Other Submissions

2002. Poster Sessions (Use for submissions to be considered only as a poster) Jaremski/Reeder/Helgertz