Sunday, November 24 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Burnham 2 (Floor 7)

Session 234
Empirical and Theoretical Advances in Protest Event Analysis

Chair: Alex Hanna, Google

1. CASM: A Deep Learning Approach for Identifying Collective Action Events with Text and Image Data from Social MediaHan Zhang, Princeton University; Jennifer Pan, Stanford University.

2. Who Is Doing What and Where? Patterns of Contention in 20 U.S. Cities, 1996-2006Patrick Rafail, Tulane University.

3. Generating High-Quality Verifiable Relational Data about News Coverage of Protests and Other Events from Electronic ArchivesPamela Oliver, University of Wisconsin; Alex Hanna, Google; Chaeyoon Lim, University of Wisconsin.

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