Sunday, November 24 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Session 239
Political Economy and the Chinese State

Discussant: Robert C.H. Sweeny, Université du Québec à Montreal & Memorial University of Newfoundland

1. Beyond the Patron-Client Relationship: Private Entrepreneur’s Political Entitlement and Elastic Informal Capitalism in Post-Socialist ChinaChengzuo Tang, Duke University.

2. When Do the Last Become First? Institutional Complexity and the Rise of Underdogs during Market TransitionLe Lin, University of Hawaii.

3. Recategorizing for the Better: The Political Economy of Pharmaceutical Innovation in ChinaLantian Li, Northwestern University.

4. Collectivization, Urbanization, and Occupational Mobility in Inland North China in the Mid-20th CenturyXiangning Li, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Matthew Noellert, University of Iowa; Cameron Campbell, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; James Z. Lee, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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