Friday, November 22 / 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session 106
The American State’s Retreat from Civil Rights

Chair: Chloe Thurston, Northwestern University
Discussant: Kumar Ramanathan, Northwestern University

1. A Brief Moment in the Sun? Racially Polarised Partisanship and the End of Republican Support for the Voting Rights ActRichard Johnson, Lancaster University.

2. The Limits of the Civil Rights State: Reagan’s New Federalism and the Rise of Neoconservative Urban PolicyKimberley Johnson, New York University (NYU).

3. “The Latter Day General Grant”: Federal Power and James Meredith’s Desegregation of the University of MississippiDesmond King, University of Oxford; Robert Lieberman, Johns Hopkins University.

4. Does School Integration Increase Racial Resource Equity? Evidence from United States Public Schools 1993-2012Jim Saliba, University of Minnesota.

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