Friday, November 22 / 4:45 PM - 6:15 PM

Session 144
Theoretical Perspectives on Political Parties

Chair: Chloe Thurston, Northwestern University
Discussant: Chloe Thurston, Northwestern University

1. The Powerful and the Poor: The Democrats, Philanthropy and the Rise of PhilanthrocapitalismLily Geismer, Claremont McKenna College.

2. Political Parties: A Relational ApproachStephanie L. Mudge, University of California, Davis.

3. The Problem of Hollow Parties: A FrameworkDaniel Schlozman, Johns Hopkins University; Sam Rosenfeld, Colgate University.

4. The Making of the Populist Movment: State, Market, and Party on the American FrontierAdam Slez, University of Virginia.

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