Thursday, November 21 / 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Session 21
Replicate This! Revisiting Past Findings in Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Chair: Vincent Geloso, King's College at Western University
Discussant: Vincent Geloso, King's College at Western University

1. Replication vs. Iteration: Most Cited Scholarship in Economic and Business History PaperJari Eloranta, University of Helsinki; Anu Ojala, University of Jyvaskyla; Jari Ojala, University of Jyvaskyla; Heli Valtonen, University of Jyvaskyla.

2. Modelling the Viable System Model: Replicating Aspects of Stafford Beer’s Cybernetic TheorisationPhilip Garnett, York Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis and The York Management School.

3. Persistence of FortuneAnne McCants, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Daniel Seligson, Independent scholar.

4. Replicating the Conceptual Derivation of an Interpretation and Theory of History: The 'Free-Standing Company' in International Business HistorySimon Mollan, University of York.

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