Saturday, November 23 / 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM LaSalle 2 (Floor 7)

Session 195
Thinking with Stuart Hall: World-Making and the Afterlives of Empire

Chair: Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz, Northwestern University
Discussant: Dennis Dworkin, University of Nevada, Reno

1. Thinking Conjuncturally: The Ruses of Parsimony and the Promise of MessinessAmy Chin, Brown University.

2. The Social Sciences in the Service of Empire: Nation-Making, Colonial Subjectivity and the Fateful TriangleRicarda Hammer, UC Berkeley.

3. Integration or Articulation? Exploring the Relevance of Stuart Hall for the Sociology of ImmigrationJake Watson, Vanderbilt University.

4. Doing the Work, or the Pitfalls of Intellectual HeroesSteven Gotzler, Carnegie Mellon University.

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