Sunday, November 24 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Montrose 4 (Floor 7)

Session 245
New Data and New Perspectives on Mob Violence

Chair: Amy K. Bailey, University of Illinois at Chicago
Discussant: Malcolm Foley, Baylor University
Discussant: Sarah Gaby

1. Spatial Distribution of Racist Violence in the South: Threatened and Completed Lynchings with Single and Multiple TargetsAmy K. Bailey, University of Illinois at Chicago.

2. Finding Movement Families in the Early Twentieth Century Midwest: Theory and MethodBrent Campney, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

3. Expanding Historical Conceptualizations of Racial Violence: Coroner's Inquests in the Nineteenth CenturyDavid Cunningham, Washington University in St. Louis; Sarah Gaby; Hedwig Lee, Washington University in St. Louis; Geoff Ward, Washington University in St. Louis.

4. National Crimes: A New National Lynching DatasetCharles Seguin, Pennsylvania State University; David Rigby, University of North Carolina.

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