Thursday, November 21 / 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM Dearborn 1 (Floor 7)

Session 31
Emerging Methods: Computation/Spatial Econometrics

Chair: Susie Pak, St. John's University
Discussant: Adam Slez, University of Virginia

1. Mapping the Enumerated City: Spatial Strategies for Historical Microdata Linkage in New York 1850-1920Daniel Miller, Columbia University.

2. Handwritten Text Recognition and Keyword Spotting as Research Tools for Social Science and HistoryGuenter Muehlberger, University of Innsbruck; Kurt Scharr, University of Innsbruck; Dirk Alverman, University of Greifswald.

3. Putting People in Places: A Semi-Automated Approach to Creating Record Linkages and High Resolution Geocoding across Historical Datasets.Garand Spikberg, Michigan Technological University; Robert Pastel, Michigan Technological University; Don Lafreniere, Michigan Technological University.

4. Using City Directories to Build Geocoded Historical MapsJohn R. Logan, Brown University; Amory Kisch, Brown University; Benjamin Bellman, Brown University; Guixing Wei, Brown University.

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