Saturday, November 23 / 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session 191
How to Count Criminals: Methods of Evaluation and Categorization

Chair: Talia Shiff, Harvard University
Discussant: Talia Shiff, Harvard University

1. Naming and Blaming in the Post-Conflict Bureaucratic State: The Case of Colombia's Victim RegistryKristin Foringer, University of Michigan.

2. Atrocity as Cultural Object over Time: A Computational Model of 70 Years of Holocaust ReportingRon Levi, University of Toronto; Ioana Sendroiu, University of Toronto; Shyon Baumann, University of Toronto.

3. The Challenge of Creating Reliable Datasets on the History of Homicides of ChildrenRandolph Roth, The Ohio State University.

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