Friday, November 22 / 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM Clark 5 (Floor 7)

Session 111
Fertility Change, Timing, and Marriage

Chair: Andrew Hinde, University of Southampton
Discussant: Martin Dribe, Lund University
Discussant: J. David Hacker, University of Minnesota

1. Eight Decades of Educational Assortative Marriage in ChinaHao Dong, Peking University; Yu Xie, Princeton University.

2. Comparing Historical and Contemporary Fertility Transitions: A Birth Interval ApproachGeorge Alter, University of Michigan.

3. Do Younger Wives Increase Male Fertility? Evidence from the Historical Population of the St. Lawrence ValleyAndreas Filser, Institute for Employment Research (IAB); Kai Willfuehr, University of Oldenburg.

4. Stop! Go! What Can We Learn about Family Planning from Birth Timing in Settler South Africa, 1800-1910?Jeanne Cilliers, Lund University; Martine Mariotti, Australian National University.

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