Saturday, November 23 / 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Session 218
Textual Analysis of Digitized Newspapers

Chair: Olli Turunen, University of Helsinki
Discussant: Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan

1. The Diamonds of Borneo - Concepts as Commodities in Context: A Structured Approach for Corpus BuildingAshkan Ashkpour, International Institute of Social History; Karin Hofmeester, International Institute of Social History; Katrien Depuydt, Institute for the Dutch Language; Jesse de Does, Institute for the Dutch Language.

2. Semiautomatic History of Terrorism: Using Digital History 1.5 to Study Terrorism’s Emergence in Swedish Newspapers, 1848-1914Mats Fridlund, University of Gothenburg, Centre for Digital Humanities.

3. Commodification of Nature and the Geography of the Nineteenth-Century “Lingonberry Rush” in Finnish Digitized NewspapersMatti La Mela, Aalto University; Minna Tamper, Aalto University; Kimmo Kettunen, The National Library of Finland.

4. More than a Feeling: Constructing a Newspaper-Based Sentiment Index for the Berlin Stock Market (1870-1930)Lino Wehrheim, University of Regensburg.

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