Thursday, November 21 / 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Session 3
The Intellectual Horizons of Policy-Making

Chair: Edwin Ackerman, Syracuse University
Discussant: Catherine Ellis, Department of History, Ryerson University

1. International Organisations and (Gendered) Care Chains: The OECD, the World Bank and the IOMMahon, Wilfrid Laurier University.

2. Reforming the Present, Planning for the Future: Prognosis, Generational Shifts and the Making of Housing Policies for Young Workers in the 1970s RomaniaMara Marginean, Romanian Academy. George Baritiu Institute of History.

3. Collaboration, Opposition, and Complicity: How Higher Education Shaped Apartheid in South AfricaEric Schoon, The Ohio State University; Robert VandenBerg, The Ohio State University.

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