Saturday, November 23 / 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session 181
New Perspectives on Revolutionary Processes and Outcomes

Chair: Simeon J. Newman, Sociology, University of Michigan
Discussant: Tim Gill, University of North Carolina Wilmington

1. East Asian World Revolutions?Chris Chase-Dunn, University of California, Riverside; Manjing Gao, University of California, Riverside.

2. Outcomes beyond Success or Failure: Toward the Reconceptualization of Revolutionary Movements and Their ConsequencesDana Moss, University of Pittsburgh; John Markoff, University of Pittsburgh; Layla Picard, The George Washington University.

3. Violence without Rebellion: Social Reclassification, Grassroots Policing, and the Great Leap Forward in ChinaJuan Wang, McGill University.

4. Realizing Revolution: Revolutionary Projects and Cultural Formations in Iran and NicaraguaZachary Wilmot, Brown University.

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