Income over the Life Cycle by Education and Occupation: Southern Sweden 1925-2016

Tommy Bengtsson, Lund University
Kirk A. Scott, Lund University

This paper examines education and income over the life cycle in an industrial city and nearby semi-urban/rural areas in south-western Sweden. Using recently digitized individual-level data on the entire population, we document the investments in, and returns to, education during a time of both industrialization and economic growth as well as de-industrialization and economic decline. The database contains microdata on all individuals from 1925 – 2016, allowing us to follow individuals and families throughout the period and shed light on labour market dynamics and income during a time that is not well understood. We specifically examine the changing role of education in terms of occupational attainment and income over the life cycle.

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 Presented in Session 110. Scandinavian Labor Markets